25 DIY Wall Decor For Any Room

1. Unique DIY Shelves

Unique DIY Shelves

Janome at Why Don’t You Make Me made some gorgeous hanging shelves. These are so unique and would transform any space.

2. Distressed Wood Arrows

Distressed Wooden Arrows

These Northern Roots made some beautiful chevron arrows. The different colors combined with the distressed look are a perfect combination.

3. Make Your Own Herringbone Art

Make Your Own Herringbone Art

I Should Be Mopping The Floor had a fantastic idea to make this gorgeous herringbone art. They simply re-purposed an old canvas and got creative designing.

4. Shadow Boxed Fruit

Shadow Boxed Fruit

Alicia at DIYS had an amazing idea to add fruit to a shadowbox to create beautiful art. The pop of color can brighten up any space, even on the most gloomy days.

5. Painted Wall Art

Painted Wall Art

Mr. Kate used a paint dragging technique to create unique and modern wall art. The best part is you can change the colors to fit your likes.

6. Budget Friendly Spray Paint Art

Budget Friendly Spray Paint Art

Simply Real Moms created cool budget-friendly art using plants and flowers. This is so creative and inexpensive. Plus, you can personalize it to any room.

7. DIY Fabric Wall Art

DIY Fabric Wall Art

Bella Dia wanted to find a use for some of her extra fabric scraps and decided to turn them into art. Wow, they turned out stunning. They add so much color!

8. DIY Subway Art On A Budget

DIY Subway Art On A Budget

Ashley at Lil Blue Boo got crafty and made some awesome subway style art. It turned out fantastic and was budget friendly.

9. DIY Fun Glass Art

DIY Fun Glass Art

Rosyscription was inspired to make some art by the beach. She wanted to see the beach and water in her piece. It looks awesome.

10. Easy Hexagon Art Piece

Easy Hexagon Art Piece

Tara Dennis loves shimmery metallics and wanted to make some art. This easy hexagon art will brighten any room.

11. DIY Rope Love Art

DIY Rope Love Art

Hymns & Verses created fantastic farmhouse style art with rope. This easy project is so gorgeous and would look fantastic in any room.

12. DIY Wall Wreath With Foliage

DIY Wall Wreath With Foliage

Makers Society made some stunning and easy foliage wreaths. These are perfect pieces for your decorations. They are so unique.

13. Gorgeous DIY Cork Art

Gorgeous DIY Cork Art

Project Rowhouse was just looking to put something behind their dartboard and ended up making a beautiful piece of art. It’s amazing how stunning this piece is.

14. Popsicle Wall Art

Popsicle Wall Art

Jess at Make & Do Crew made a hexagon shaped decoration out of popsicle sticks. I think it is impossible for popsicle art to ever go out of style! Plus, think of all the popsicles you get to eat.

15. Farmhouse Wooden Decor

Farmhouse Wooden Decor

The Happier Homemaker got her inspiration from some artwork she saw at Pottery Barn. The best part is that this stunning piece is very inexpensive to make. 

16. Pallet Wall Decor

Pallet Wall Decor

Marie at Blooming Homestead transformed an old pallet into a rustic work of art. It looks fantastic and it is a great beginner DIY project.

17. DIY Bamboo Wall Decor

DIY Bamboo Wall Decor

Design Sponge wanted some mid-century wall decor on a budget. So they gathered a few materials and got to work. This unique work of art is beautiful and I love the use of the bamboo.

18. DIY Adorable Animal Wall Decor

DIY Adorable Animal Wall Decor

Alice and Lois created these adorable animal pieces of artwork. They were made for a nursery, but using the same technique you could make anything you wanted.

19. Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art

College Gloss made this colorful crayon art. I love all the bright colors and the abstract style.

20. DIY Scrabble Wall Art

DIY Scrabble Wall Art

Jen at Insideways has a love for letters and her husband has a love for scrabble. She decided to combine both of their likes into this fantastic scrabble wall decor.

21. Easy Heart Decor

Easy Heart Decor

Handmade Charlotte made some awesome heart shaped art out of thread. These are so easy to make and you use minimal supplies.

22. Modern Abstract Art

Modern Abstract Art

The 2 Seasons shares a tutorial on how to make your own modern style wall decor. You can custom make what fits your needs. These would also make great gifts.

23. DIY Arrow Decor

DIY Arrow Decor

The DIY Dreamer made some colorful wall art with DIY arrows. I love the bright colors with the subtleness of the wood.

24. DIY Monogrammed Artwork


Craftastical created modern art with quilling monogrammed letters.  I love the colors she chose and how beautiful it turned out.

25. Easy Canvas Wall Art

Easy Canvas Wall Art

Julie at Sum of their Stories created some geometric art with an old canvas and some painters tape. This wall decor would look great in any room.

I hope you feel like making some wall art. There are so many fun and creative things to do when it comes to making your own artwork. Don’t be shy, give it a try!

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