I have been working on this project for about 6 months.  Custom furniture always takes the longest…..and there is bound to be a little backordered curtain fabric thrown into the mix:)

But… is slowly coming together and I have a few tight shots to share with you today. 

he CR Laine spool chairs arrived and they are so pretty!

We used the Driftwood finish.

The garden stool from Wisteria fits nicely in between them.



The curtains were also hung and of course that  is always a game changer right….along with the Ballard acrylic coffee table.

The Charles Stewart sofa made it’s debut and I am always amazed at the superior quality of their furniture.  I used a performance fabric called Crypton….and while it is considered a workhorse I would not recommend just smearing mustard on it!



A small gallery wall was hung over the bench behind the sofa…..

The armoire was finally removed and and the piano in place…..


Which leaves me another challenge….more art or something architectural?


Here are 3 in contention…..




Thinking a bit of punch in the room……Do you have a favorite?

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