Monthly Archives: October 2020

Small Space Squad Home Tour: Sara Toufali

I always find home tours fascinating. It’s basically like low-level voyeurism because you can peek at how people live and enjoy other decor styles without committing. While I’m always a brat about boho and how it’s not really my jam anymore, I still appreciate the aesthetic — especially when it’s well done. For example, today’s Small […]

What is the Tiny House Movement? Best Tiny House Rentals, 2020

Tiny houses, little houses, a micro house, and everything in between, simply put, the tiny house movement is the recent trend to downsize one’s physical living space and focus on ‘tiny living.’ People are making the decision to give up their full-size homes for tiny homes that range anywhere from 100 to 400 square feet. The […]

Master Bedroom With Bright Spring Eastern Redbud Branches

Well, we’ve officially got seven weeks of social distancing and “home schooling” in the books! We’ve had beautiful weather here and have been going hiking almost every day. The dogs absolutely LOVE it. I took these pictures a few weeks ago but just finally finished going through them this week. Although I have shared pictures […]

Light-filled tiny house offers a relaxing soak

Canada’s Mint Tiny House Company recently completed a new 34-ft (10-m)-long tiny house. The home is light-filled thanks to its generous glazing, which includes no less than five skylights, and has two bedrooms, plus a spacious bathroom with shower and full-size bathtub. The 34ft Eco-Friendly Tiny House RV is based on a triple-axle trailer and is so […]

Scandinavian Design: Get to Know this All White Design Project

Today, Scandinavian Design is the highlight. Get inspired by this home tour and discover the sophisticated minimalistic elements that are present in every corner.Katie, a London gal living up in Manchester, was actually the biggest inspiration for this tour. “All white, all right”.That’s how Katie described this beautifully styled home. An inspiring interior design project styled by […]