Master Bedroom With Bright Spring Eastern Redbud Branches

Well, we’ve officially got seven weeks of social distancing and “home schooling” in the books! We’ve had beautiful weather here and have been going hiking almost every day. The dogs absolutely LOVE it. I took these pictures a few weeks ago but just finally finished going through them this week. Although I have shared pictures of our master bedroom quite a few times I tried to take pictures from all of the different angles so you can get a better overall feel for the room.

Teddy somehow makes his way into most of my photos because he likes to be in whatever room I am in – haha!

This dresser is still my favorite piece of furniture we own!

This pictures of Teddy makes me laugh!

These are Eastern Redbud’s and they are so gorgeous when they start to bud!

This chair ended up going to Lillie’s room but I first tried it out in our room. It’s available in our collection over at Painted Fox!

Well, that’s it for today! I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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