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So I moved into my house 6 months ago now (planning on doing a little 6 month update/tour soon!) and I realised that I haven’t shared as much of it as I would have liked over here on the blog. I think that’s mostly because I’m not a fan of showing something that still feels unfinished if that makes sense? I do have quite a few befores though so I will definitely be showing before & afters soon enough – but for now I thought that I would scrap the whole ‘not wanting to show unfinished rooms’ lark and show you my bedroom so far. I just don’t think that my home will ever feel fully ‘finished’ as my favourite thing is buying new homeware and for it to constantly stay the same would bore me to death so it will forever be a work in progress I feel like! I have made quite the effort with my bedroom lately though, so I wanted to show off all the cosy little corners of it and what I’ve done to it up until this point. So keep scrollin’ boys and gals…

My drawers have changed quite a bit since my how to style a chest of drawers blog post went live, I recently restyled them and I’m loving them much more like this! Let me know what you think? I moved the plant that used to be on them, into the plant pot by my mirror. I haven’t photographed it yet as it’s looking a bit droopy so I only have the photo before it went in for now but it definitely looks fab there. I’ve been picking up lots of bits and bobs to fill corners and add more character as my room is huuuuuuge and whilst I love having a big space, I do wish a little bit that my room was slightly smaller and Ru’s was a bit bigger as he has so many toys to store and I love smaller and cosier spaces. But for now, it works as Ru plays mostly in my room so it’s nice for him to have all of the floor space to play in.

My drawers are the Wembley 5 Drawer Chest from Wayfair and are currently on sale. I love them as they look good, brighten up the room, hold so many things and make a nice little place to decorate too. All of my baskets are Homesense finds (they have the bestttt selection!) and my big brass ornate mirror is from Select Mirrors. My bedside table is a beaut and was also a Homesense find, if you follow me on insta you may remember that I picked it up in the clearance section for £50 – it’s still one of the best bargains I’ve found to date! The sheepskin rug I have in front of my mirror was a fab amazon find, it was less than £20 and it’s a really decent size and is so soft and lovely to sit on, I’m obsessed!

My desk is from West Elm, I absolutely love the style of it however the top scratches quite easily which is super annoying as it was pretty expensive. I’ve got it in white but I’m also obsessed with the Acorn one. If I bought it again I’d probably spray the top with some kind of protective lacquer! I am in love with it though, the style is just gorgeous and the drawer is perfect for popping in lots of storage trays filled with my fave makeup picks. I recently got some acrylic drawers from Amazon (only £16.99 for a set of 3!) which I’ve popped on top for extra makeup storage. I love how these look busy, especially with pots and things on top with brushes and shadow sticks. It doesn’t just make everything easier to reach for but it also adds a ‘lived-in’ kinda look which I love. I tend to permanently have a makeup bag with skincare bits on top too and there’s always makeup and brushes lying about, but I much prefer the untidy look so that’s a-okay with me.

My mirror is in antique gold and it’s from Perch & Parrow and my desk chair is from Dunelm, it’s in rose and I thought the gold legs complimented the antique gold mirror perfectly, as well as the brass knobs on the desk! I love how it all ties in. Most of the other bits and bobs you’ll see lying around like the baskets, the stool, cushions, decor are mostly from Homesense and The Range. They both have loads of really good home bits and The Range is particularly cheap if you’re on a budget, the stool was only £11! The side table pictured next to my drawers was super cheap from JYSK, another fab little store for affordable bits, furniture in particular. It’s quite like a mini Ikea. I love just finding super affordable bits to fill spaces with, most of my baskets were around the £10 mark in Homesense, even the huuuuge ones so I really recommend those shops if you’re looking for lovely storage bits!

Do you think my bedroom looks cosy? Are you a fan of warm tones?

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