Scandinavian Design: Get to Know this All White Design Project

Today, Scandinavian Design is the highlight. Get inspired by this home tour and discover the sophisticated minimalistic elements that are present in every corner.
Katie, a London gal living up in Manchester, was actually the biggest inspiration for this tour.

“All white, all right”.
That’s how Katie described this beautifully styled home.

An inspiring interior design project styled by Stadshem, a Swedish estate agency, in which you’ve lots of design tips to use for your own space.

Against the white background, we’ve the perfect combo between the use of soft neutral hues with the minimalist black details.

We’ve a thing for the Scandinavian style, don’t you? How soothing is this living room with these bright white walls, wooden floorboards and this modern and comfortable sofa?

Her followers are knowledgeable of her equally “bohemian twist, with a heavy dose of wanderlust on the side”. In fact, this home exudes exactly that feeling.

With clean lines and an inviting balcony, this kitchen is the perfect retreat to enjoy a relaxing and regenerating moment.
On a cold winter day, this is the nook you’ll be looking for. What are your thought about that?

This second floor is all about a retreat for your senses. This skylight takes this outstanding design project to the next level.

For us, it works like a blank canvas ready to be fulfilled with understated details.


Marcus table lamp was inspired by Dieter Rams strict design philosophy and timeless aesthetic. A statement of good taste which gets even more beautiful when you lit it on.

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