Citrus fruits are GOLD!

The smell of them, their aesthetic, just everything about them give off that summer nostalgia we miss from our childhood. It’s refreshing to smell and refreshing to look at especially if you choose to opt for fake fruits like I did (I unfortunately was not blessed with the green thumb gene so I thrive on zero to low maintenance “plants”).

Some citrusy examples are lemons, oranges, limes, pineapples, etc. They’re bright, they add color, and what screams summer more than bright fruit seemingly blooming in your living room (a huge transformation from my frosted winter décor)!

For some reason, I always associate lemons with a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day and food grilling on the barbeque (*heavy sigh*). I don’t know why but hey it works and instantly puts me into summer mode!


You already know what I’m going to say…transition to summer with TROPICAL PLANTS!!

And you don’t have to go overboard, girl (it’s very easy to go plant happy when trying to brighten your décor, trust me)! A couple of tropical plants placed in some corners throughout the house makes a huge difference and still makes a statement in your home!

1 palm tree

Some great examples are different types of palm trees (yes, there are different types and it basically depends on the look you want!), monstera plants, and split leaf philodendrons!


I like to mix and match plant stems and flower stems to create a unique arrangement for the vases in my living room.

summer flower arrangement with lemons

For me, I tend to gravitate to faux everything with my décor (if you haven’t noticed lol). Faux moss, faux palm leaves, faux lemons, and a mix of faux flowers to really bring the outdoors into your home. It looks just as good as the real thing with the same effect!

Also, you don’t have to worry about maintaining actual tropical plants that probably wouldn’t survive in your home environment.

BUDGET TIP: Buy vases (whether floor or table vases) that will go with your décor all-year-round so all you have to do is switch out the plant and flower stems for seasonal options like frosted pine cones for Christmas! It’s a quick and easy hack and you can jump from winter to summer mode quicker than you imagined! 


Garlands are not only for Christmas décor, no, no, no! Use those bad boys all-year-round!

I love garlands because they add just that extra touch to really make the rest of your decorations pop! You can mix and match them, dress them up, and use them in literally ANY place in your house!

I use it on the columns inside my home, console table, the entertainment section under the TV, and soon-to-be our staircase.

entryway console table and 2 palm trees

If I really don’t know what to add to the room, normally adding a cute, leafy garland is enough to make the room feel whole. It’s like your stepping foot onto your own little island (greenery goes a long way).

BUDGET TIP: Get a few garlands that you can inter-match between Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer décor and also pick a few that are season-specific. You keep some of the basics while adding some garlands with flair so you can save some money, girl! Getting your décor together can get very pricey.


Do not be afraid of color, sis! I know that old habits die hard but stop falling into the comfort of blacks, whites, and browns and run into the arms of the blues, yellows, pinks, and oranges.

Try to stay within these bright color palettes to truly bring the beach and summer to you! It just takes a little change in your pillows, throw blankets, tabletop/shelf décor, and even your hand towels in your kitchen and bathroom to uplift your summer décor!

Remember, little changes make a BIG difference and honestly, I take any chance to buy more pillows decorative or not (#HomeIsWhereThePillowsAre)!


Many people don’t know, and I don’t even think I did myself until having my own place, but there are indoor wreaths now! Also, there’s wreaths available for every season (who freaking knew?!)!

Just like garlands, wreaths hold this stigma that they’re solely meant for Christmas. WRONG! There’s so many options out there and best believe your girl is going to switch out a wreath for each and every season (maybe even every holiday but…that’s a bit of stretch).

Magnolia, Lemon, or a simple green and leafy wreath will do the job. I obviously go the faux wreath route (ha! no surprise there)

.front door with lemon wreath

Although, I did try a real wreath dipped in some type of preservation glaze to decorate outside the front door, it wasn’t that bad! It takes no maintenance but costs way more than buying a fake one just as nice for $10-$15 so I think I’m going to stick with my cute, little faux wreaths (and I can keep them for years to come!).


Create a focus point on your dining table, kitchen island, and even your console table in the entryway! 

Use a decorative tiered tray or a long, wooden tray to host your summer décor items. I went simple this time and used a lemon tree as the centerpiece for my dining room table.

lemon tree centerpiece

But I opted for a lazy Susan on my island because…why not! Although, I did use a rectangular tray for my entryway table to host our keys (tired of losing those bad boys? Get you a key tray, sis).


I, myself, found it much easier to pick a theme and then spread my wings that way. For the most part, I stayed on theme but I do like to dabble a bit to spice things up.

For example, I chose to go with a lemon theme this summer and although A LOT of my summer décor is lemons, I opted out of using lemons in my entryway and on my kitchen island. I just felt like my house already reached the lemon limit as I used lemons for my wreaths, flower vases in the living room, and there’s also a decent-sized lemon tree on the dining table (#noregrets).

I added a couple of pineapples and “tropical” greenery around my house to balance it out a bit and I’m so proud of how it all turned out. Your summer theme can be lemons like me or anything summery really like watermelons, honey and bees, ice cream, or beachy with seashells.

pineapple mat in front of sliding doors

It doesn’t matter what you choose but if you’re feeling overwhelmed on what to do with your décor then lock down on a theme and start your shopping, ladies!


As I said previously, I stayed on theme for the most part but I definitely deterred from that path when it comes to the art pieces in our home (#BreakingTheRules). 

I’ve bought some art pieces in the home that add a bit of a coastal/natural/boho feel to our home for that extra boost. It really helps to put you in that summer mindset of being carefree and at a fabulous resort somewhere (create the dream at home, right? :))

.paradise pictures


Update your exterior and add some curb appeal to your home by bringing your theme or whichever summer décor items you choose to the outside of your home! Welcome yourself into an Island Paradise before you even step foot through your front door.

Use some of those previous tips I mentioned and just simply apply it to the outside! 

Set up that lemon wreath (#TeamLemon), place some plants and faux fruits around your porch and front door, and even change up your front door mat! A lot of people forget this tiny step but switching out those raggedy door mats that have been destroyed by the Winter months drastically changes the look of your entrance and why not switch it up every now and then?

It’s your house so have fun with it and let the good times roll because…SUMMER IS COMING!!

What are your favorite pieces to add to your décor to make your home summer-ready? Also, don’t be shy and drop a comment below of some of your favorite things about summertime!

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