Six Ways to Decorate Walls Cheaply

You need to know how to decorate walls cheaply and you’re looking for tips.  These six cheap wall decor ideas will fit the bill!

Three years ago we purchased our house and I had great aspirations for what the decor would look like.  We don’t have a ton of extra money laying around so I was sure I would think up some wall decor ideas that would look like a million bucks while costing about $999,999 less than that.

As I looked around recently I realized my goal of well decorated walls has kinda fell flat.  We have blank walls, walls that are way over decorated, and walls with empty picture frames on them!  Yes, empty picture frames.  Embarrassing!

I finally kicked my butt into gear and decided that our hallway needed some TLC.  I took down all the mishmash that we had hung (including the empty picture frames) and reorganized the whole thing – deciding what would stay and what would go.  I added new items from around the house, filled the picture frames, and found some cheap wall decor to fill in the gaps.

Since I hardly spent any money, I knew I needed to share my tips and tricks for decorating your walls on a budget.

How to Decorate Walls Cheaply

Just Print the Pictures

Does anyone panic when it’s time to go to print photos?  I do!  Honestly, we’ve lived in our house for coming up on three years and there are still empty picture frames hanging on our walls.  I freak out when I go to print pictures, though.  What if I choose the wrong ones?  What happens when I want to replace these pictures with other pictures?  Is it ok to throw away old photos?  Will people not like me if I get rid of a photo they’re in?  Honestly, those are the thoughts I have and I spiral out of control and just don’t print anything.  (Enneagram type 9 problems)

I’m learning that it’s ok to print the photo.  It’s ok to decide you want to change the photo.  It’s ok to throw the old photo

Order Large Canvases

A long hallway would need a lot of small stuff to really make an awesome gallery wall but, if you’re wanting more bang for your buck, ordering a few larger canvases can be the perfect way to go.  I get my canvases through Canvas Factory and only have positive things to say about them.  Their prices are fantastic, their quality is wonderful, and their shipping is fast!  The canvases are definitely the statement pieces of the gallery wall!

Woman hanging canvas of two young boys and a baby boy on wall

Utilize Thrift Stores

My heart is so happy when I’m able to really dig in and spend time searching around thrift stores for the perfect goody.  It takes time, patience, and self control but, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’re sure to find some fantastic items to add to your walls – picture frames, paintings, weavings, and so much more!  These items can decorate walls cheaply and are unique and fun!

Shop Your Home

When you’re looking to decorate a wall, think about the things you have in the rest of your house.  It might be a good idea to move something from one spot to another.  You’ll feel like your house is freshly decorated without spending a cent.

Woman hanging canvas photo of two young boys and baby boy on wall

Free Printables

Take two seconds to get on Pinterest and type in “Free Printable.”  I guarantee you will find something you absolutely adore that only costs you the price of ink and paper.  Or, better yet, get on Canvas Factory and print the design on a canvas.  That would definitely be a statement piece in your home!

Get Crafty

It’s amazing what a little hot glue and items you probably already have in your craft box, garage, or kitchen can do to snazz up your home.  Yes, I’m again going to tell you to get on Pinterest and find a craft that you have the supplies for (or won’t cost much to get the supplies) and get to work!  Now when people tell you they like your wall decor you can say “Thanks, I made it.”  That always feels good.

Arm of couch with floral pillow. Gallery wall in focus behind couch
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