How to add electricity to any light fixture using only puck lights

So I did it. I finally took the plunge and tried the infamous “Magic Light Trick”. It’s such a genius idea and I really think I will be adding sconces to every room in my house now.

But I did mine a tad bit different and I’ll show you my Magic Light Trick version.

I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year now and I just couldn’t find the perfect place to put sconces or commit to any.  I had a few ideas and I found some I loved but nothing was clicking for me.

For so long I knew the board and batten in my hall needed something…and one day it just clicked.

(More about my hallway makeover to come soon….I know you are dying to hear all about it. And yes, that is my dog sleeping on the floor. That is her favorite place to sleep and I trip over her

Back to the Magic Light Trick though. All you need to become a magician is a sconce and puck lights (and some sort of adhesive).

Here is what I used for the Magic Light Trick:


~Puck Light

~Hot Glue/Adhesive

~Light bulbs or Pipe Fitters

The biggest difference I did with my sconces is that I used rechargeable puck lights that are also motion sensors.  The battery operated puck lights seem to be a popular choice for this project, and those work great too. But let’s be honest, I have no intentions of changing the batteries in my puck lights constantly. I’m just too lazy. Not to mention all of the batteries I would go through.

So I found what I believe to be the best invention next to white bread…these puck lights are what dreams are made of. They can be used as motion sensors lights or you can have them on continuously

I seriously love these puck lights and have every intention of mounting them under my cabinets soon.

How to install wall sconce without electricity

Follow the directions that come with your sconce/light fixture.  I am really bad at following directions so I kind of winged it. I installed the mounting bracket (is that what it’s called?) to my wall first.

If you are doing sconces side by side like I did, I recommend installing the mounting brackets first for each sconce. It’s just easier to make sure things are level when you installing the mounting brackets at the same time.

I tucked all the electrical wires into the back of my sconce just in case one day I get a wild hair to actually call an electrician out to hardwire these bad boys.

The sconces also come with a plug and I just stored those away in case I get another wild hair.

I installed the sconce to the mounting bracket as you normally would and voila you have a useless sconce attached to your wall.

Now, to make your sconce useful you need to attach the puck light into your shade. I’ll be honest, I tried a few too many failed attempts to get this puck light to not fall out of the shade.

After a few failed attempts, I came up with two decent solutions.

(One more thing about how amazing these puck lights are, they come with magnetic 3M tape. One side is sticky and the other side is magnetic)

My first successful attempt involved hot gluing the sticky part of the 3M tape to an old light bulb and screwing in the light bulb into the sconce. The puck light then sticks to the magnetic side of the 3M tape.

The only thing I did not love about this attempt was that you can visually see the puck light, which isn’t the end of the world.

My next successful attempt was to take a trip to Lowes to get a couple of $0.47 pipe adapters (not sure that’s what those are called either) but look for these things.

I hot glued the magnetic strip to the pipe adapter sticky side down (magnetic side up)

These will screw right into the socket of your sconce

And then you just attach your puck light to the pipe adapter

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

And you do not see the puck light this way

If you do a quick pinterest search there are so many different ways to get your puck light into your sconce. Just remember whichever attempt you decide to do, make sure you can easily remove your puck light from your sconce so you can charge it when you need to.

So, if you have never heard of the magic light trick, this post should have changed your life. You can add sconces everywhere.


Next to your bed…

Over a gallery wall…

Above your mantel….

In a kids reading nook…

You get the jist. Sconces are my new pillows!

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