9 ways to decorate your home with Wall Art

Nordic Wall Art

Indulge yourselves with little moments of joy, pleasure, and positivity in our stunning pieces of contemporary Nordic Wall Art home decor designed to inspire your house, workplace, and life.

Influenced by Nordic ideals of beauty, minimalism, well-being, and peace, Nordic Wall Art investigates the relationships between beautiful landscapes, natural environment, abstract objects, metaphysical insights, and home-mindedness, making wall decoration that not only looks fantastic on your wall, but also offers you little moments of optimism, motivation and meditation, and an alternate way of looking at pictures.

Nordic architecture is not a theme or a pattern, although certain variations tend to be so. It is focused on intrinsic dynamics that form the culture and environment of the North.

Summer beach Wall Art

Coastal wall art is inspired by beautiful picturesque views of the sea and their surroundings.

Coastal wall art shows floral pastel art with beach prints, Summer California views, ocean, Van, Soft pastel art, Surfboard, Palm, and more

Green Plant Wall art

Having plants as an artistic theme is such a basic idea, but it is easy to see why the method has evolved over time and has still remained popular; plants perform incredibly well as decoration. These prints of plants are clean and plain, they fit well as stand-alone canvas paintings, but they make an excellent feature wall when you customize different styles and sizes.

These designs show off fresh green plants to make your space look peaceful, clean, and stunning. Putting up some greenery decoration on your walls of the office, bedroom, toilet, and especially kitchen will help you feel energized and relaxed.

Ornate Moroccan Doors Canvas Artwork

Hanging some Moroccan door artwork, highlighting intricately carved and ornately designed doors made with perfection, rendering them a beautifully fascinating piece of art.

Mix and match to make a beautiful gallery wall, these flexible canvas prints will fit well in most living rooms, bedrooms and even fit well in areas like stairwells.

Inspiring Quote Wall Art

Each wall art should have a central piece, and Inspirational quotes pair well with art pieces! There should be a message here that matches your gallery wall with inspiring canvas prints to pick from.

These pictures, of course, don’t have to be part of the gallery wall, they fit almost as well as stand-alone elements for kitchens, corridors, and restrooms.

Pencil Sketch Wall Art

Canvas print pencil drawings of the human body. This art is tasteful and fits well as a bedroom wall painting, but is still flexible enough to be put in a living space, a dining room, a corridor, or a stairway.

Understated isn’t really defining this artwork, there’s something absolutely remarkable about its convincing elegance and simplicity.

Scandinavian Art

Scandinavian art is a branch of Nordic art also know as the art of the north, unique to the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The Scandinavian décor is chic. Stylish themes, sober colors, and abstract forms offer one of the best choices inside your walls.

Scandinavian design is a classic theme that never goes out of fashion. We love its light shades, its elegant décor, and the beauty of its shapes! There are several contemporary prints that inspire this theme and will blend perfectly into your house.

Simple phrases full of significance, pleasant black and white wildlife, or high mountain scenery in pastel colors.

You can choose a frame to get a fresh look in different colors and materials! It is recommended that you take decorative prints mix and match ideally get the Nordic feel for your house!

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract art prints have been popular over the last few years and are still going high. Indeed, the movement is now deeper than ever, with interior designers preferring abstract paintings to complete their space designs.

So if you’re looking for a bold piece of art, or just looking to refresh your walls and add color, explore our collection of colorful abstract wall art to find the right piece for your house.

These Abstract prints are Minimalist yet Decorative for your Living RoomThese framed artwork to complement your space, style, and budget. 

Mid Century Modern ArtWork

This artwork is minimalistic in the form of basic shapes, lines, and figures. As far as home decor is concerned, Mid-Century Modern typically ranges from the mid-1940s to 1965.

Keep in mind that not all piece of art created during this time period — whether high style or modest kitsch — is categorized under the trendy mark of the mid-century.

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