Now that I’m planning a mini home office refresh, I’ve been spending a lot of time searching for small home office interior design ideas. From closet offices to home office nooks to built-in desks (and more), here’s all the inspiration I’ve found for my home office makeover.

Small Home Office Ideas With Built-In Bookshelves

As I mentioned above, my home office room has built-in bookcases all along one wall. So I was looking for small home office ideas with bookshelves.

Most of the rooms I saw seem to be arranged in one of three ways.

1 | The Desk In Front Of The Shelves

White home office desk in front of bookshelves that are painted pink

Having the bookshelves behind the desk makes a clear focal point in the room.

I love the bright colors in this home office design from Ariel at PMQ For Two.

And I really love that she painted the backs of the shelves pink which makes all the accessories stand out.

I also saw a lot of home offices with bookshelves that had a section of the shelves cut out straight behind the desk.

This allows for a statement piece of art behind the desk (that focal point again), and provides a little extra work space.

(This office picture doesn’t look particularly small, but the same idea would apply for a small room.)

2 | Desk Perpendicular to the Bookshelves

Silver desk perpendicular to black bookshelves

Installing the desk perpendicular to the bookshelves makes it easy to get into your chair and start working.

It can also facilitate having two people work together at the desk.

Which would be useful if you ever need to work together with someone else.

You can also create an L-shaped desk surface by widening the shelves at desk height.

That gives you more room to spread your stuff out…and I’m all about being able to spread out my mess 🙂

Having said that, I really love all the drawers they have in this office. Lots of places to put the stuff away where it can’t be seen. (I’m definitely missing that in my current office).

3 | Built-In Desk and Shelves

Desk built into a bookcase

Building a desk right into the bookcase uses up the least amount of floor space, making it the best home office design option for small spaces.

Sarah from Making Joy And Pretty Things did this by using IKEA cabinets with a countertop as the desk, and then installing extra trim to make the whole thing look like custom built ins.

And I love the pretty wallpaper that really turns that desk wall into a focal point in the room.

4 | Industrial Shelving Home Office

Small home office desks built in with industrial shelves

One thing I forgot to mention…my office does have a bit of an industrial twist to it (in a glam sort of way).

So I really like the idea of this desk and shelving unit made from industrial pipe…although those chairs look really uncomfortable 🙂

I don’t think I’ll go for a whole desk set up like this (no drawers!) but I might see if I can use the idea somehow in my home office design.

Small Offices With Large Windows

One of the problems with small home office spaces is they can feel a little closed in. Especially if you’re sitting facing the wall.

5 | Desk Facing Window

Wood desk facing the window

Positioning your desk to face a window can take away that claustrophobic feeling.

Especially if you have a window that is at least as wide as your desk is.

Which is what Cindy at DIY Beautify did with her desk. She says she loves to be able to see out while she’s working.

Small black and gold home office with desk facing the window

I have to agree with her.

This is also how I have my office set up currently. And I do really like having the desk in front of the window.

So this is a part of my home office interior design I may keep.

6 | Bay Window Home Office

Small desk and chair in a bow window

If you’re lucky enough to have a living room or den with a bay window, that would be a beautiful spot to make a small home office.

A desk should be able to fit in there perfectly and you would have a panoramic view of the outdoors.

I would be happy to go to work in this space every day 🙂

Small Home Office Nooks

7 | Bedroom Nook

U-shaped desk in a small bedroom nook home office

How’s this for fitting a home office into a really small space?

Morgan and Sean at Charleston Crafted built this U-shaped desk to fit into a small nook in their bedroom.

She even uses one side of it as her vanity to put on makeup. Multi-function furniture is always a good idea when you don’t have a lot of space!

8 | Under The Stairs

Under stairs home office

If you happen to have a stairway that has an open side, using that extra space for a small home office is a great interior design idea.

Medina from Grillo Designs did just that with this tiny study area that makes efficient use of space.

She used IKEA cabinets to create the desk and I love how the wood slats add extra interest to the walls.

9 | Small Wall Home Office

Small home office desk with monitor mounted on the wall and a floor lamp

If all else fails, you can always create a home office space by setting up a desk on small wall somewhere in your house.

To make the most efficient use of the work space, try to keep as many things off the desk as possible.

Emily from Small Stuff Counts used a floor lamp (instead of a table lamp) and mounted her monitor on the wall. Which both help to free up space on the desk.

Closet Office Ideas

While I’m not planning on creating a closet home office at the moment, I do think it’s a great idea for small spaces.

10 | Desk In Open Closet

Wood desk with a chair in a closet

If you already have a desk (or can find one that you love) and a closet, then you can easily create a closet home office like Sarah from She Holds Dearly did.

Add a chair and some accessories and you’re done!

11 | Shelf In Closet

Closet home office with a blue stenciled pattern on the wall behind the desk

If you’re willing to put in a little more work, this closet home office from Kati at Houseful of Handmade is perfect for getting some work done and having your craft supplies close at hand.

I love the painted stencil above the desk, and she did the whole thing (plus the rest of her room) for under $100!

Hidden Small Home Office Interior Design Ideas

To take a closet office one step further, you can make it into a hidden home office. Simply close it up and the mess is gone!

12 | Lighted Shelves

Closet home office with doors and lights under the shelves

Of course the easiest way to make a hidden home office, is just to keep the doors on your closet home office.

Then you can close them when you’re done.

I also like the idea of having lights installed under the shelves, like you would under cabinets in the kitchen. It definitely helps to brighten up an enclosed space.

13 | Storage On Doors

Closet home office with pegboard and bulletin board on the doors

If you’re going to have doors on your closet office, then making use of that extra vertical space makes a lot of sense.

Hanging pegboard on one side and bulletin board on the other gives you a lot more (organized) storage space.

14 | Sliding Barn Doors

Closet home office with sliding barn doors

This closet home office is hidden by sliding barn doors when it’s not in use.

I think this caught my eye because I just converted the bifold doors in my office to barn doors

And I kind of like the embellishments on these doors. So I may have to add a few upgrades to mine 🙂

15 | Armoire Turned Home Office

Armoire that has been converted into a small home office

Since we’re talking about hidden home offices, I figured I would bring up the home office I made from an armoire a few years ago.

I’m still using it and like it a lot. Everything is contained in one spot, and I can just close the doors when I’m done so no-one can see all the papers and charging cables.

Small Home Office Ideas For Two

If you and your spouse both need to work from home, or you have an employee who works at your home, creating a small home office for two may be in your interior design plans.

16 | Bonus Room Long Desk

Long desk under a bonus room slanted roof

Taking advantage of the sloped ceilings in a bonus room to create a nook home office is a great idea!

Carmen from Living Letter Home did just that when she created this long desk for two.

I love how the color of the cabinets is carried over into the wallpaper. And the DIY marble chair mat is an awesome idea if your office has carpet in it.

17 | Built-In Bookshelves Desk For Two

Home office design with two desks in built-in bookshelves

You can also expand on some of the other ideas we’ve seen.

Amy at White Cottage Home and Living created two desks out of the built-in bookshelves in her home office.

This built-in unit gives plenty of space for both people to work while only using up one wall of a room.

18 | Two Desks Facing Each Other

Two person home office with two desks facing each other

If you have enough space for desks in your room, position them facing each other for the most efficient use of space.

Not only did Sheila from Maison de Cinq have the desks facing each other but they are right beside a large window. So both people get a view while they’re working as well.

DIY Desks

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to set up a home office in a small area, try out one of these DIY desk options.

19 | Door For A Desk

Small home office made from a door over filing cabinets

Placing a door on top of two filing cabinets is a super easy and inexpensive way to make a desk with a large surface area and lots of storage.

Add a few desk accessories or a gallery wall to make it more inviting and your home office is ready to go!

20 | Countertop Desk

Desk made from a countertop with two filing cabinets underneath

For a similar (but more permanent) option in a small room, install a countertop along one wall.

Add filing cabinets underneath with a comfortable chair and you’ll love going to work in the morning.

Budget Workspaces

If you don’t have any room or the budget for a new workspace, you can make tables you already own do double duty.

The trick to this is to have a filing cabinet, drawer or some other closed storage nearby. That will give you an out-of-the-way place to put your office supplies when you’re not working. Which will prevent your work from taking over everything.

21 | The Console Table Desk

Chair and console table used as a desk

If you have a console table in your front hall or even behind a sofa in the living room, pull up a chair, add a lamp and voila! You have an instant home office

22 | The Dining Table Desk

Office chair pulled up to a dining table used as a home office desk

If you have a dining table that you don’t use very often, turning it into a desk will give you a large work surface that’s usually at a pretty good height for working.

For maximum comfort, bring in a proper office chair rather than sitting in your dining chairs all day. Your back will thank you!

There you have it…all of the small home office interior design ideas I’ve found so far. Hopefully, you can find at least one that will work for your small space!

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