Home Decor Trends For 2023

Beige/Greige Home Decor and Paint Colors

Dare I say it…beige is back, baby.

Maybe not quite like it was 15 years ago but you will be seeing more and more beige making it’s way back into homes. This trend is starting off as greige which you probably are seeing plenty of already.

When you aren’t quite ready to go full on beige, you start off small and go greige.

Sometimes you just aren’t ready to break up with gray and that’s ok.

Some people might never want to look at a beige paint color again. And some people might never want to look at a gray paint color again.

This is where greige will have it’s moment in the sun.

Greige paint colors are very popular right now.

It won’t be long though. I can feel it in my bones. Beige walls will be popping up soon again.

I’m seeing more and more beige furniture popping up too.

Notice the beige couch in that room? I’m not hating it. We are taking what was popular 15 years ago and tweaking it a bit.

Challenge accepted

(Rumor also has it that brown walls might be making a comeback too. I’m not sure if I am ready for that quite yet so let’s just move on.)


Wallpaper isn’t anything new and has been trending for a few years. The new trend with wallpaper this year is to go big. Not big in scale but big in money. Wallpapering the whole room (cha-ching) and not just an accent wall is what is happening this year.

I can’t say with much certainty but accent walls aren’t the most popular anymore like they once were.. BUT when it comes to wallpaper, I feel like you can get away with an accent wall of wallpaper.

Now I know many people are afraid to add wallpaper to any wall in their home, but you really shouldn’t be.

Wallpaper has come a long way…in both design and application. Peel and stick wallpaper is very popular. It can be a tad bit pricey but well worth it for the ease of installation. I failed to take my own advice and used straight up unpasted wallpaper for my daughter’s bedroom.

Never will I do that again..

Installing that wallpaper is what nightmares are made of.

Do yourself a favor and just get peel and stick wallpaper. And once you are sick of it, you can just peel it right off.

Wood tones/unpainted furniture

You are going to be seeing more wood tones popping up in decor. In furniture and kitchen cabinets (we’ll talk more about that later). Chippy painted farmhouse furniture isn’t all the rage anymore. The unpainted furniture look is very popular right now.

The time has come for us to hide our paint brushes and to leave our furniture alone.

Dark And Moody Rooms

I’m not saying that all white walls are out. I’ll never say that. White is timeless, it’ll never go out of style. I love a good white and bright room.


I also love a good dark and moody room. Dark and moody rooms are trending hard right now, especially in dining rooms, bedrooms and basements. If your room does not get a ton of natural light, you might think painting your walls a light color will brighten things up.


White walls in a low light room will only look dingy. It’s a perfect time to play around with dark colors. Basements are great places to experiment.


Dark tones work effortlessly with rich wood tones such as antique oak or walnut.

If using in a kitchen, pair with light granite or quartz counter tops.

Introduce leather, velvets and tassels for a maximalist feel.

Warm and Calming Neutrals

In the living room, we are seeing warm, calming blues, peach-pinks, and sophisticated neutrals like sable, mushroom,  and ecru—these are really catching my eye for 2023

Curves Everywhere

Curved upholstery, such as curved back sofas and barrel chairs, as well as round pillows and accessories, seem to be making a comeback for 2023.

Curved architecture is also very of the moment like arched doorways and interior spaces.

Exciting Accent Pieces

“We love the expanded options of accent chairs with rope or woven details on the back,” the team tells us. “Consider adding touches of the chair’s accent material or color throughout the home to create a cohesive look. It adds visual interest and another layer of texture, which can help create a cozy, homey vibe.”

Unexpected Color Pairings

New textiles, colors, and patterns will take forefront in 2023, with complementary colored sofas and accent chairs creating visual interest.

“We’re really excited about larger pieces in bold colors, like burnt orange paired with muted pastel paint and textiles,”

Painted Ceilings

We like to refer to the ceiling as the 5th wall, and depending on the space and architecture of a room, painting the ceiling can create a sense of cohesiveness.

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