The Best New York Industrial Lofts You’ll Fall For!

New York … The city where dreams come true!

It’s impossible not to feel inspired by NY! One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, this destination is almost in everyone’s bucket list … and we understand why! Today, Inspirations’ Blog decided to select the best New York Industrial Lofts you’ll definitely fall for!

Let’s start with a special industrial style loft that belongs to a special person: a bachelor that wanted something cut for his size, or better saying, for his age and status. Designed by Jesse Turek, the loft has two bathrooms, and it’s located  in Noho. The vintage industrial style décor is everything we need, and the rare pieces of art from Yankee Stadium memorabilia transforms this loft into one of a kind!

This industrial loft is located in the western part of Lower Manhattan, New York – a place for the expensive price of a square metre! It was designed by Andrew Franz, and this is actually a loft build in the 19th century that was completely transformed in this beauty!

Forget the idea that industrial style always has to be rusty, and with no sophistication at all! This is a great example to show you’re wrong! A Industrial Chic Design loft, popular for its combo of aesthetics and functionality !

This loft apartment is the result of the collaboration of Hunting for George and Melbourne design studio Grazia & Co. This picture is actually one of the hottest pins on Pinterest, and we can understand why: all the details were chosen with attention, and every single one is unique!

Renovating warehouses and factories are one of the latest deals, and this is a great example of how a 19th century factory was successfully transformed into an apartment in the heart of New York. It was designed by Soren Rose Studio, and this industrial loft still features some of the original details from the previous centuries, which makes it unique and a time machine!

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