19 Super Cozy Boho Living Room Ideas You’ll LOVE

Thinking about revamping your place and need some bohemian living room decor ideas? We’ve got you covered!

These boho living rooms are sure to impress your guests and liven up any space no matter the size.

Boho Living Room Ideas:

This cozy boho living room features a beautiful tapestry and lots of plants. This is a very simple look to replicate – all you need is some basic furniture and some rugs and a tapestry to complement the look.

This living room idea is for you if you love a pop of color at your place. Simply get some comfy furniture and bring in the color with your rug and throw pillows.

This boho living room aesthetic is similar to the last one. Use some throw pillows and rugs to bring back the color into your space and give it that homey feel.

Less on the “pop of color” side but big on warm and neutral tones? This is perfect for you.

Love the boho aesthetic but prefer a more modern look? This is your go to. This gorgeous bohemian living room features some modern furniture and decor pieces like the table and shelf.

This bohemian living room has a more rustic yet homey feel to it. If you love the walls but live in an apartment, simply get a similar stick-on wallpaper to dupe this look!

Love to keep it simple? Here’s your match!

Simply throw in a bright colored comfy couch and a beautiful coffee table and complementing rug.

Prefer a more clean look? This one might be your pick. You can always add in some color later by getting cute throw pillows if you choose to

This boho living room features some gorgeous hexagon shelves, perfect for your smaller plants and saving you floor space.

This gorgeous but simple living room idea transforms this small space.

Bring in the color with this boho living room idea!

The best way to spice up your plain couch (and the living room itself) is to throw in some cute throw pillows and blanket for movie nights!

Talk about brightening up a room!

Who says you have to settle for overhead lighting when you light up your room with hanging lights?

This bohemian masterpiece features a unique wooden chandelier and a hanging chair, perfect for reading your favorite books.

Not a fan of warm tones? Go for this cool tone masterpiece

This is the ultimate boho living room for your first apartment.

This boho living room will make you feel right at home!

This living room idea is simple, yet gorgeous.

This living room is perfect for a cozy night in. Copy this look by adding some throw blankets and pillow on your couch to make it more comfy.

Imagine how peaceful it must feel to sit in this living room?

Copy this look but adding some tall shelves to store your favorite books and save on floor space. And don’t forget the plants!


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